Company Mission:

4G Plastics, Inc. is a company that will strive to excel in the business of establishing a plastics recycling and manufacturing facility that specializes in recycling plastic LDPE films and manufacturing different types of plastic resins to make soda bottles, plastic liquor bottles, milk and juice bottles, toys, flower pots, trash cans, packaging pipes and tubes, plastic lumber and a myriad of additional plastic products designed to accommodate the needs of a diverse clientele.What makes 4G Plastics, Inc.different and special is that 4G Plastics, Inc. will offer an experienced team of knowledgeable personnel who possess the skills required to ensure that all company operations are performed to exemplary standards.

About The Company:

4G Plastics, Inc. began its operation in 2014. The inspiration for the company was the realization that there is a need for a company that can provide a cleaner and greener America by utilizing GREEN recycling and manufacturing methodologies that will help to preserve and protect the environment. The company is headquartered in the city of Houston in the state of Texas.

Team at 4G Plastics:

  • Nirav Desai - President.

  • Prateek Desai - VP of Marketing.

  • Imran Khan - Senior Sales Manager.

  • Wajahat Khan - Director of Operations.

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